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Siblings date #2 with the awesome Ngui sisters! :) I sense a very wonderful siblings bond developing. :) more siblings date please!!! Chipotle for tacos (cause the Mexican was closed) then yogen fruz (cause nero waffle bar was closed). Still had a great time!

My hawaiian snow cone while shopping at the Seattle Premium Outlets :) happy child

Finally got to go nero belgian waffle bar! Thank you awesome boyfriend for taking me :) The waffles was definitely worth the wait! David said their ice cream wasn’t very good though. But I thought mine was really yums! Mine’s the one on the top! Blueberries were soooooo sweet!

It started raining right when we got our waffles and we ate at a different place downtown that’s like a 15 min walk from Nero (had poutine at La Belle Patate). So we bought an umbrella at Safeway and walked all the way back to our car. :’) What a wonderful adventure with my love.

Went to Kin’s Farm Market today with my mommy. Got these sweet California strawberries and golden raspberries! My mommy spoiled me since the raspberries were $5! Have yet to try the strawberries. :) I’m a lucky girl! I love love love fruits now! Especially in the summertime! Better than water as a thirst quencher.

sometimes, I just crave pizza

will def be needing these at my future wedding

sushi balls. :)


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