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Date night at Dunn’s after work with the bf is the best.

Felt like I needed to run home after though.

cirque du soleil with my sister :) saw totem! pretty good! soo amazed at what these people can do.

Day 74
Finally got a chance to try Mama’s grilled cheese! This was their weekend special: rosemary ham, cheddar on sourdough! so much yums! Their potato chips (at the bottom of the bag) is made on their truck. :D wonderful lunch after sitting in a classroom for training all day. Not going to lie… hungry just looking at it! I have a soft spot for food trucks! Something about eating food made on a truck is just too cute to resist for me.

Appreciate all the small things.




I have a date with Mr Justin Timberlake on January 16 of next year! Best birthday present ever! Thanks babe!

So excited to be sharing this experience with my sister and my dear friend!

Crazy rain tonight. Plus thunder and lightening. Aww is summer slipping away that fast? :( 

Touristy selfies part 2! Went to Stanley Park and looked at totem poles, then checked out the steam clock in historic Gastown, then I guided a UBC campus tour! :) hope momma’s friend had fun today!

New fav pinball machine! Went to castle fun park in Abbotsford with the sunday crew! I’ve always been a fan of pinball machines. LOVE them. Played for like an hour! Won the most free games from this specific machine, def new fave! :) funny thing, I didn’t even like the movie. Hahahha

La Taqueria


I’ve been dying to try this place out since some of my friends have been posting photos on facebook! Then to realize it’s almost next to the Cambie-Broadway Canada Line Station, want want want!! :) It’s just a small store inside with 6 small tables and a bench along the windows facing the street. My friend and I went shopping downtown, so I told her about this place and decided to try it together! :) Bonus: she loves Mexican food!


This deal makes a perfect lunch! I found it filling for myself. :) I got 4 meats, and Clarissa got 4 veggies! We were lucky enough that just as I got my food, a group left and we were able to sit down.


These babies are the best when they’re hot hot hot! :) I got 2 Tinga de Pollo (top) and 2 Asada (bottom). They’re sooo good. You know it’s good food when you crave it while writing about them. ;) That’s exactly what is happening now. Clarissa tried all 4 veggie ones on their menu. It’s a small place, but I think they have a pretty good selection of tacos. They also have quesadillas too and you can add whatever taco ingredient you want in them. You can check out the menu here.

I will definitely be coming back for more!