The Final Movement turned 4 today!

WHHHATT!!! this is insane!

Alright… now time for my 5 little things! :)

1. FINALLY GOT MY PLACEMENT FOR MY PRACTICUM! :D It’s sooo close to home. So thankful. And there’s 4 of us there, which is really nice.

2. Went for dinner with my 2 beautiful friends on Wednesday night. Really needed that after a difficult/stressful week. Thankful to have these 2 girls in my life. :$

3. On Sunday, I went to the opera with a friend! :D We saw Carmen! The one we’ve been wanting to see since forever! The set and cast was amazing! The music was fantastic. Worth it!

4. Went to work on Saturday really early but had so much fun! Played with kids and dolls and even browsed through books for my assignment.

5. BOYFRIEND MADE ME DINNER ON SUNDAY NIGHT!!! Best boyfriend ever. He did EVERYTHING! From grocery shopping to cooking and even the dishes! All I did was sit and eat. :D He made me seafood risotto and mussels paired with white wine. Sooooo romantic. :) Then we watched a movie at home. He made so much food that I had some to bring to school yesterday! Best lunch EVER!

Hope your week went well and I will see you soon!

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5 little things

Hello! It’s that time of the week again. Here are the 5 things that made me smile this week.

1. Had dinner with bf’s family to celebrate a couple of birthdays. It was really nice and had tons of fun even though I had to do some homework while I was there.

2. I read a bunch of Elmo books with this cut little 1 year old at work the other day at the end of my shift. Her mom said that I am very good with children, which is good to hear. I had so much fun playing and reading the pictures with her.

3. My new students are soooo cute!! Can’t wait to see them tomorrow.

4. I realized I really like both my jobs since they both involve interacting with children and teaching. :) Can’t wait to pursue this as a career!

5. I might be going to HK in June! Details to come.

I hope your week is off to a good start! I love Mondays now. :D

Emma Watson’s UN speech. He For She 2014, let’s make this happen. Now.

Women that inspires.

If not me, who? If not now, when?

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Godzilla Bites from MegaSushi for bf’s mama’s birthday dinner earlier in the week. This dish is the bomb.

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5 little things is BACK! It’s September! And with September comes SCHOOL!!! I just started my BEd at UBC! Can you tell I’m excited? Let’s just get started.

1. Did a lot of my readings this weekend. And still got time to hang out with my bf. :) I’m sure he was happy about that. We went to the closing night of the International Summer Night Market (the one my IKEA).

2. Survived my first full week of BEd and met a lot of new friends. Really feeling a sense of community with my cohort. :D

3. Successfully did my 5 min teach in PE. Had a good teacher voice as well. :D It’s hard to project my voice in the big gym.

4. MADE SOME MAGNETS AT THE UBC IT BOOTH!! How awesome are those!

5. Played a lot with the new dolls at work. Beforever is now at American Girl at the Chapters on Robson!

Alrighty, time to learn about UBC Blogs. I love blogs and blogging and pictures. This is going to be fun.

Date night at Dunn’s after work with the bf is the best.

Felt like I needed to run home after though.