linstead parallels [1/∞]

i screamed when the psycho got erin.

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This is Colbie Caillat’s single, Try.

This is not just a song. It is a message to all women that the most important person in your life should be you. As long as you like yourself, it doesn’t matter if others do. Remember that you are 100% related to yourself (and your identical twin) and no one else comes close to that percentage. Live life for yourself, and no one else.

Wait a second,
Why should you care, what they think of you
When you’re all alone, by yourself, do you like you?
Do you like you?

Went to a yoga class in Steveston Village and after savasana, found myself in Storybrooke. Then I spotted Emma, Hook and Elsa hanging out, so got some pictures!!! But seriously though, Jennifer Morrison!!!!!!!!

Karissa and her husband, Jonathan, came to Vancouver to hang out! So happy I met him and so happy to see Karissa again after 5 years! Have a safe trip back!

cirque du soleil with my sister :) saw totem! pretty good! soo amazed at what these people can do.

Date night with my main man. :) Finally did something different. Gunna hang these up in our future home.

I wish I can still hold your hand and feel the warmth. I wish I could still go and visit and tell you about myself and what are plans are. I wish I could still go and talk to you and feed you. I will miss you so very much. I will always treasure our summers together. I love you so much. Rest in peace, grandma. Forever in our hearts.

Siblings date with the ngui sisters yesterday! :) Some night market and Red Robin fun.

I had dinner with my cousins tonight! :) good food, great company. Congratulations on your wedding! Hope to see you soon!

Day 100
Last day of my 100 days challenge!!! Today I went to volunteer at Jessie Wowk and made bonnets for the kiddies for Mother’s Day craft. Then I had lunch with Vian and Clarissa at The Rogue. We got the bee honey something something fishbowl (which sucked) so the waitress gave us a new drink. We chose the cougar juice. MUUUCHHH BETTER!!! Then I went out for dinner with Aaron, Ronald and Oscar. It was so nice to catch up with friends. I also beat the game, 2048, on my phone!! I even got to the 4096 tile! yayyyyy mee!!