Godzilla Bites from MegaSushi for bf’s mama’s birthday dinner earlier in the week. This dish is the bomb.

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5 little things is BACK! It’s September! And with September comes SCHOOL!!! I just started my BEd at UBC! Can you tell I’m excited? Let’s just get started.

1. Did a lot of my readings this weekend. And still got time to hang out with my bf. :) I’m sure he was happy about that. We went to the closing night of the International Summer Night Market (the one my IKEA).

2. Survived my first full week of BEd and met a lot of new friends. Really feeling a sense of community with my cohort. :D

3. Successfully did my 5 min teach in PE. Had a good teacher voice as well. :D It’s hard to project my voice in the big gym.

4. MADE SOME MAGNETS AT THE UBC IT BOOTH!! How awesome are those!

5. Played a lot with the new dolls at work. Beforever is now at American Girl at the Chapters on Robson!

Alrighty, time to learn about UBC Blogs. I love blogs and blogging and pictures. This is going to be fun.

Date night at Dunn’s after work with the bf is the best.

Felt like I needed to run home after though.

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Love it when relatives come to visit. We took her to the night market!! Had so much food and lots of fun. Visit again soon!

monkey brain and mega tower. Which one is better? Go try it yourself at Mega Sushi and let me know!

This is my #ALSicebucketchallenge. In my video, I nominate David Shen, Amy Ho, Rebecca Tsang and the Ngui sisters.

I will donate $20 plus $10 per nominee! Let me know when you’ve completed the challenge so I can process my donations!

ALS is the most common of 5 types of motor neuron disease. Those affected with ALS will eventually loose their ability to move their muscles, ability to speak, swallow and breathe. I think this ice bucket challenge really did it’s job: raise awareness to a disease most of us know nothing about/never even heard of. Since only a small fraction of the population is affected with ALS, it is viewed as “not profitable” and hence, there is a lack of funding for treatments and drugs. I really do believe that this challenge brought mankind together to do something great. Although one may not make a difference, together we can make an impact.

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